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Pre-employment Background Check


Hiring a new employee and need a pre-employment background check or a vendor or tenant screening?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Our background checks can be custom tailored to your business needs.

Small Businesses

For small businesses, we make it easy to get started and stay in compliance with Federal and State Laws. With our web based interface, all you need is your candidates name and email address.  Consent forms are sent through a secure link where they e-sign and provide the personal information needed to start.

Prefer to use paper forms? No problem. Just print them from our  “about” section and upload them when you order your background check. If you prefer, you can also fax over the forms and we’ll take care of the rest.

We usually recommend our Silver package for a pre-employment background check. This offers the best value because it comes with the 7-year county criminal record check covering the last 7 years of address history.

The Silver package also covers the requirements for Vendor background checks that are often requested by other businesses, state or federal entities prior to on-site access. But check with us to be sure.

Of course you can add additional searches to your pre-employment background check or screening such as driving records, credit report, a drug test or any of the other searches listed.

Enterprise Customers

For enterprise customers, we partner with the top applicant tracking and onboarding platforms. This ensures a smooth transition from point of application to their first day. Key features of our web interface includes: on-line application forms, electronic delivery and e-sign of consent forms, real time access to completed and pending searches and electronic delivery of adverse action packages when needed.

Whether you are new to pre-employment background checks or looking for a new screening partner, Bay Area Background Checks is committed to delivering quality employment screening at the best value.

Our 100 percent U.S. based customer support, ensures you receive quality assistance every time you call, email or chat with us on-line.

No sign-up fees, monthly fees or minimum orders. Ready to get started? Sign-Up and we’ll send you everything you need.

Background Check Benefits

  • Weed out undesirable candidates who may lie or falsify their work history, credentials, or criminal past.
  • Avoid placing candidates in positions where they may be tempted to harm the Company’s interests.
  • Decrease the potential legal exposure and liability affiliated with a bad hire.
  • Reduce the costs affiliated with employee turnover.
  • Increase retention by hiring qualified employees the first time.
  • Protect employers and employees from workplace violence.
  • Reduce the risk for theft and embezzlement.
  • Statistical certainty that an employer will at times hire an unqualified and undesirable candidate.
  • Decreased exposure for risk of Negligent Hiring and other potential legal liabilities.
  • Decreased costs to the company involved in the recruitment, hiring, and training due to higher turnover.